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2007 May-Aug: Invitations and Meetings with Foreign Guests

Date Nation Brief description of event Nature # of persons
08.28 US Lu receives Virgil Lamar Smith, board chairman of Citizen-Times, Asheville , North Carolina Visiting 1
08.28 Canada Chang receives Rienold Zimmer, head of International Students, Bureau of Education, Victoria , Canada Visiting 1
08.27 The Republic of
the Marshall Islands
Chang receives Dr Wilson Hess, president of College of the Marshall Islands , and entourage Visiting 2
08.16 US Lu banquets Robert S. Wang, Deputy Director of AIT, and entourage Invitation to
08.16 India Chang receives Dr Sreematie Chakrabarti, head of East Asia Dept, University of Delhi , India Visiting 1
08.16 US Lu receives Virgil Lamar Smith, board chairman of Citizen-Times, Asheville , North Carolina Visiting 1
08.16 Australia Lu receives Prof Terence (Terry) John O'Neill, The Australian National University, and entourage Visiting 3
08.08 Singapore Lu receives Prof Pan Tao-Chien, president of Nanyang Technological University , Singapore , and entourage Visiting 4
08.07 Germany Tu receives Dr Wilfried Muller, president of University of Bremen , Germany Visiting 1
08.06 US Lin receives John Scacco, US Regional English Language Officer, SE Asia Visiting 1
08.02 Republic of
The Gambia
Tu receives H.E. Crispin Grey-Johnson, Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, the Republic of Gambia , and entourage Visiting 3
07.27 Canada Lu receives Prof Stephen Toope, president of The University of British Columbia, Canada Visiting 1
07.24 New Zealand Chang banquets Robert Kaiwai, deputy representative of New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office, and wife Invitation to
07.24 Malaysia Cao receives Cao Thi Thanh Thuy, head of Committee for Population, Family and Children's Mission , Vietnam Visiting 1
07.23 EU Tu banquets Ian Anderson, chief of Communication & Information, Directorate General for Interpretation, European Commission, and entourage Invitation to
07.17 India Tu receives T. P. Seetharam, India 's new Taiwan representative Visiting 1
07.04 New Zealand Tu receives Clare Fearnley, representative from NZCIO, and entourage Visiting 2
07.02 Slovenia Lu banquets Prof Mitja Saje, director of Graduate School of Asian and African Studies, Ljubljana University Invitation to
06.28 US Lu receives 14-member Trade and Goodwill Mission to Taiwan from Washington State , USA Visiting 14
06.27 Netherlands Tu receives Prof Dr Douwe Breimer, presidnet of Universiteit Leiden, the Netherlands Visiting 1
06.26 S Korea Lu receives Chang Man-chai, president of Sunchon National University, S Korea, and entourage(jpg file) Visiting 3
06.06 Paraguay Chang banquets Sr Osvaldo L. Barresi, director of International Culture and Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, the Republic of Paraguay , and wife Invitation to
06.06 Canada Taiwan and Canada resign an education memorandum(jpg file) Signing an
06.04 Japan Lin receives chief of Education Committee, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan(jpg file) Visiting 1
06.04 Malaysia Chang receives 4 Malaysian MPs including Y. B. Dato' Dr Tan Kee Kwong Visiting 4
05.31 Belgium Lu banquets Prof Paul Van Cauwenberge, president of University of Ghent , Belgium and an entourage Invitation to
05.30 Canada Lu receives Gilles G. Patry, president of University of Ottawa , Canada Visiting 1
05.23 Slovak Cao receives Ferdinand Devinsky, chairman of Education, Youth, Science and Physical Education Committee of the Parliament, Slovakia , and entourage Visiting 2
05.22 UK Chang banquets Prof Les Ebdon, president of Befordshire University , UK Invitation to
05.11 US Lu receives Thomas Hodges, spokesman and chief of Public Affairs Section, AIT Visiting 1
05.11 India Tu receives T. P. Seetharam, new Taiwan representative of Taiwan-India Cooperation Council Visiting 1
05.11 Vietnam Chang Kwo-bao, director of Department of Technology and Vocational Education, Ministry of Education, receives Huang Yu-rong, Senior Vocational Education, Ministry of Education and Training , Vietnam Visiting 1
05.11 Canada Chi Yao-zong, executive secretary of BICER, receives Judith Whitfield, head of International Language Programs, Bureau of Education, Toronto , Canada Visiting 1
05.10 France Cao receives Prof Erhard Friedberg, person in charge of MBA program, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris , France , and entourage Visiting 2