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The ‘EDU Cloud’ E-learning Platform to Assist Southeast Asian Overseas Taiwan Schools to Suspend Classes but Keep Learning Online


There are four overseas Taiwan schools in Southeast Asia. During this epidemic prevention period, all four schools have suspended classes in compliance with local government regulations. In addition, they have also implemented online teaching courses through e-learning platforms such as ‘EDU Cloud’ and ‘Taipei CooC-Cloud’ according to the regulations of ‘suspend classes but keep learning online’ in our nation.

These overseas Taiwan schools include the (Malaysia) Chinese Taipei School Kuala Lumpur’, the (Vietnam) Taipei School in Ho Chi Minh City, the (Indonesia) Jakarta Taipei School and the Surabaya Taipei School. A total of 2,640 students and 335 teachers and other staff members are included in these four schools.

      In response to each national epidemic situation and at the time of the suspension of classes, overseas Taiwan schools not only held weekly online epidemic prevention measures meetings but also implemented online teaching courses. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has assisted these overseas Taiwan schools to open an ‘EDU cloud’ e-learning platform, and at the same time has provided online course teaching and learning reference guidelines, which have become the most convenient teaching resources for schools during the epidemic prevention period and these guidelines have also enabled overseas Taiwanese businessmen’s children to study at home without concerns.

The MOE stated that online learning resources in our nation included the platform such as ‘Online learning specific section, EDU cloud’, ‘Taipei CooC-Cloud’, ’Junyi Academy’ and ‘Textbooks specific section’, and these resources can be directly accessed through the search and link function, which is both professional and convenient. These resources fully demonstrate Taiwan's educational advantages. Furthermore, overseas Taiwan schools’ teachers can also utilize live stream teaching software to successfully conduct interactive online courses with students