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2020 Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language CAT in Seoul

Each student’s temperature was taken when they entered and left the test venue

The Education Division at the Taipei Mission in Korea has been conducting the TOCFL tests since 2019, when they were held three times. The number of Korean students intending to study in Taiwan is increasing and there’s an increasing demand for this test, so a total of six are scheduled to be held this year. One of the six uses the traditional testing method, and test-takers select one of three Band levels to be tested at.

The other five test opportunities are using CAT— computerized adaptive test—style testing. As the test proceeds, the computer immediately estimates the test-taker’s proficiency based on their response to each item and then selects the most suitable test item to present next. The test-takers don’t need to choose a Band when registering for a CAT test.

Despite the new coronavirus epidemic is going on, the TOCFL tests in Korea, scheduled for the first half of 2020, were successfully held on February 22, March 21 and May 16. Nearly 30 people applied for each test and to ensure that the test venues were safe from possible infection danger, the Education Division is very punctilious about taking rigorous prevention measures so that the students can do the tests with peace of mind. These include thoroughly disinfecting each test venue, taking the temperature of each person as they enter the venue and also as they leave, having them clean their hands with gel, and asking the students to fill out a declaration form, regarding their recent travel history or contacts with overseas travelers, and health status.

The Education Division also asks the students to provide any feedback and suggestions for providing a better service, after they finish doing their tests. They welcome learning the students’ opinions and look forward to providing more TOCFL testing opportunities for students in Korea.