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The Education Division at TECO in Los Angeles Announces Taiwan Scholarship Recipients

An example of the award certificates presented to Taiwan Scholarship recipients

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of China established its Taiwan Scholarship Program to encourage international students to undertake an academic degree program and its Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program to encourage international students to learn Mandarin in Taiwan to enhance educational links. The programs give recipients a wonderful opportunity to experience and become familiar with Taiwan’s academic landscape, culture, history and people; and they help build long-lasting friendships between Taiwan and the global community.


Despite the current COVID 19 pandemic, the Education Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Los Angeles has had an overwhelming number of applications from excellent candidates from Southern California, Arizona, and Hawaii. After a thoroughly review process, the Education Division awarded three people a Taiwan Scholarship and seventeen people a Huayu Enrichment Scholarship. The Education Division wishes each of the recipients a productive and happy learning journey


The three Taiwan Scholarship recipients all have different professional backgrounds, but they share an enthusiasm for academic excellence.


Maximus Novak is passionate about computer science and took part in a youth cyber security competition in high school but found it difficult to find teammates to compete with, although he adamantly wanted to continue competing. While looking for a suitable university he found that National Taiwan University had a team, BALSN that stood out as one of the most consistent competitors. He then visited Taiwan and went to the campus and decided to do a degree in Taiwan: a four-year bachelor’s degree program at National Taiwan University.


Chris Gorin was a previous Huayu Enrichment Scholarship winner. After completing a master’s degree in international relations, he decided to focus on a specific region to do research work for a future career. He’ll soon begin a second master’s degree in the Department of Diplomacy at National Chengchi University and he’s planning to present his research at various national and international conferences and to journals for publication.


Receiving a Huayu Enrichment Scholarship prepared Anders Blomso for postgraduate studies in the Asia region, and he’s decided to do a master’s degree program in the Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature at National Taiwan Normal University.


The Education Division welcomes U.S. citizens who reside in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, or Guam to apply for these scholarships and a valuable opportunity to study in Taiwan. The application period for both scholarship programs is from February 1 till March 31 each year. For more detailed information about the scholarship programs, please visit