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‘2020 Proud of Taiwan’- the ROC’s 109th Double Tenth National Day Celebration


At 8:55 am on the morning of October 10, 2020, the Republic of China (ROC) (Taiwan)’s 109th Double Tenth National Day Celebration and performances were grandly held, with President Tsai Ing-wen hosting and attending in the plaza fronting the Presidential Office Building. This event was convened by the Legislative Yuan, and the President of the Legislative Yuan, You, Si-Kun, was the Chairperson. There were 196 departments participating in this event (77 central government and local government authorities, and 119 organizations from all sectors). In his speech, the Chairperson, You, Si-Kun, expressed the idea that the key visual design of the national day celebration was the sonic waves of ‘voices’, symbolizing Taiwan's democratic progress through the exchange and integration of multiple voices!

President Tsai Ing-wen delivered an address entitled ‘2020 Proud of Taiwan’ on this day, outlining the four main directions of ‘Pandemic prevention contributions to the world’, ‘Economic strategies for new circumstances’, ‘Solid national defense to maintain national security’, and ‘Proactively participating in regional collaboration’. President Tsai affirmed the contributions of heroes in the fight against the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) in Taiwan, which allowed the international community to see Taiwan as an ‘Island of Resilience’. In addition, given that the global epidemic is still serious, Taiwan must carry out early preparation of the fundamentals of each industrial policy and international economic and trade cooperation, in order to create the new Taiwan economy that the people all aspire to. President Tsai also emphasized that the government will establish a solid national defense to modernize defensive combat capabilities, to accelerate the upgrading of asymmetrical capabilities, to enhance professionalism of military personnel, and to establish an effective reservist system, thereby solidifying overall national defense. Moreover, for cross-strait developments, President Tsai indicated that Taiwan will uphold its principles and will be committed to upholding cross-strait stability.

The performance activities linked closely to the theme of this year’s national day celebration: ‘2020 Proud of Taiwan’, and were divided into three stages: ‘Prelude’, ‘Ceremony’, and ‘Themed Performance’. The first performance which raised the curtain of the prologue was jointly presented in front of the Presidential Office Building by the Miaoli Chen Family PaYin Troupe, the Ministry of National Defense Honor Guard, the Joint Military Marching Band, the Military Police Rapid Reaction Company, the Marching Band, Honor Guards and Color Guards of the Taipei First Girls High School, the National Police Agency Special Operations Group of the National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior, and the National Airborne Service Corps.

At the ‘Ceremony’ stage, 20 outstanding representatives of pandemic prevention from all sectors were specially invited to jointly sing the National Anthem with the ‘SingSong Chorus’ composed of 30 students from Taipei Medical University. In addition, 7 Blackhawk UH-60M helicopters escorted 2 CH-47SD Chinook transport helicopters hung with huge national flags, paying tribute to the people in our nation as they flew above the reviewing stand with the melodious national anthem.

During the ‘Themed Performance’ stage, 100 heroes in the fight against COVID-19 rode in hummers and medium tactical vehicles to receive people’s compliments, and performed with the theme of ‘Generation, Blessings and New Energy’. Performances of five themes were arranged, which included: 
·‘Legacy of traditional skills and arts’, 
·‘Vitality of Taiwan’s foundation’, 
·‘Presentation of Taiwan’s glorious achievements’, 
·‘Display of art and cultural diversity’,
·and ‘Demonstration of democracy’.

 These performances respectively presented images of dreams, courage, sharing, gratitude and love, and demonstrated the confidence and pride of Taiwanese to the world.

At the end of this event, the F16-V fighter and the Thunder Tiger Aerobatic Team of the ROC Air Force formed a V-shaped formation and flew above the reviewing stand to express the high respect for distinguished guests from all sectors and to celebrate the nation’s birthday, making a perfect ending to this celebration event.