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Anti-drug Stage Performance- ‘Light, Always on’

Anti-drug Stage Performance- ‘Light, Always on’

To foster the anti-drug awareness of the public, the Ministry of Education (MOE) cooperated with the National Taiwan University of Arts to launch an anti-drug stage performance by combining art and aesthetic education with anti-drug promotion. In 2020, it was performed 26 times and received constant praise.
This is a story about love and promises; it describes a pair of brothers who used to have a good relationship. The elder brother has successfully walked out of the haze of drug abuse and become a drug rehabilitation expert. He not only delivers speeches everywhere, but also brings his own experience to Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) talks to share with people. However, the younger brother is deeply bogged down in drug abuse, and the two brothers have drifted apart.
Among the diverse promotional measures of the MOE, expression of music, dance and drama presented by stage plays are the most direct, effective and warmest promotional measures. Meanwhile, encouraging university and college students to invest in anti-drug promotion is the social responsibility that the MOE expects colleges and universities to present. In addition, it also found that university and college students obtain different inspirations in the process and change society by exerting their own competencies.