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Taiwanese Scholar Gives an Online Lecture at the International Education Symposium at Moscow City University

Cheng An-Ting giving a presentation on the Review of Industrial Land Policy toward Sustainability

In late August, 2020, Associate Professor Cheng An-Ting from the Department of Urban Development at the University of Taipei took part in the third annual international education symposium organized by Moscow City University, held online this year. This is the third time that someone from the University of Taipei has been invited to take part.
This year’s symposium—on Education and City: Education and Quality of Living in the City—was designed to bring international and Russian experts together to share the most up-to-date approaches to the co-existence, co-evolution, and co-operation of cities and universities, and details of their related experience.
The program included panel discussions – for example, on the Quality of the Educational Environment as a Factor for Improving Educational Results; roundtable talks –for example, on New Pedagogical Practices in the School–University System: the Experience with Classes in Moscow; individual presentations – for example, on Meta-analysis of Influence of School Educational Environments on Learning Results; and a workshop titled “Do Buns Grow on Trees: Nature Science Lessons for City School Children”. 
Only scholars from six countries were able to attend this year, far fewer than in normal years. Cheng An-Ting gave a presentation on Taiwan’s experience implementing industrial land management policies for sustainable development to approximately 420 online participants. It was divided into four sections covering: 1. History Timeline since World War II, 2. Introduction of Industrial Land Development, 3.Challenges and Impacts Resulting from Urbanization, and 4. Institutional Response. 
Moscow City University is one of three leading teacher-training universities in Russia and four Mandarin Chinese teachers from Taiwan have been working there since the 2019 academic year. The university is one of the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission’s closest academic partners in Moscow and it works with TMECCC each year to promote a language exchange program.