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TECO and the Federation of Taiwanese Student Associations in New York Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival at Central Park

TECO and FTSANY co-hosted a Taiwanese Culture Exchange - Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Us event on June 12, 2021 at Central Park

TECO and the Federation of Taiwanese Student Associations in New York (FTSANY) held a cultural exchange event in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow on Saturday, June 12 to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. FTSANY, established in 1990, serves Taiwanese student organizations in New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. It regularly works together with TECO-NY to hold educational, entertainment, and interactive events to raise awareness about Taiwan, its culture, its people, and its society and invites students and young professionals to participate and exchange ideas and interests.

FTSANY invited Taiwanese students, their friends, and guests from all over the region to enjoy a special occasion held at Sheep Meadow on June 12, featuring the best of Taiwanese food, and a visual presentation about the Dragon Boat Festival, an important cultural tradition, and how Taiwanese enjoy racing Dragon Boats on special occasions. 

The Dragon Boat Festival, which officially fell on June 14 this year, is a holiday commemorating the life of Qu Yuan, a poet. In our contemporary era, the Dragon Boat Festival has become a time for family reunions and get-togethers with friends. In Taiwan, the associated activities include making fragrant pouches, and Taiwanese snack-tasting games.

The 25 participants enjoyed tea and rice dumplings on a lovely New York afternoon. This happy encounter between Taiwanese students and their friends and guests in Central Park was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Main Street Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet restaurant in Flushing, NY, New York’s Teazzi teashop, and TECO – the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York.