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Additional Stimulus Sports Voucher in Support of Sport Industry and Events

Administrative Deputy Minister Lin Teng-Chiao of the Ministry of Education attended the Sports Voucher 2.0 launch press conference

The Sports Administration has issued an additional Sports Voucher 2.0 under the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher program, that is intended to stimulate the sports industry that has been heavily impacted by the epidemic. The Sports Administration held the “Additional stimulus Sports Voucher in support of sport industry and events” press conference on September 16, 2021 and invited Tokyo Olympics tennis player Lu Yen-hsun to be a spokesperson to announce the launch of Sports Voucher 2.0. To lend a helping hand, the Sports Administration has obtained NT$1 billion special funding to issue 2 million NT$500 Sports Vouchers, aiming to guide people to sports businesses to make purchases while also encouraging them to do sports to increase the popularity of sports nationally.

The Sports Administration reminds everyone, additional vouchers issued by local government, draws, notification and enquiry operations are being handled by the common platform. People who win Sports Vouchers can collect them within four days of the draw each week (namely October 18th , 25th, and November 1st and 8th) on the Sports Administration Sports Voucher website ( People who receive vouchers in the first and second week draws can use then from November 1st and those that receive them in the third and fourth week draws can use them from November 11th. The vouchers are valid until June 30th, 2022.

The reappearance of Sports Voucher to stimulate consumption this year is expected to serve as a locomotive for “doing sports” and “watching events” and other sports core industries. The aim is for the government to lead the way and civic sector to bring out additional measures to stimulate sports spending and create a chain reaction to boost the sports industry overall.

The Ministry of Education also issued an Easy Guide, customer service line (02-77523658,) Q&A (public and operators) and other related information. The Sports Administration will continue to hold business solicitation explanatory meetings and invite sports operators to apply, and encourage them to bring out additional schemes to jointly stimulate the sports industry. For more information, go to the Sports Voucher website (