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Historian Chang Hao from Academia Sinica donates lifetime book collection to the National Central Library in Taiwan

Charlotte Chang, and Director Scott Lai presenting Professor Chang Hao with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the National Central Library

On February 8 2022, Professor Chang Hao, an academician of Academia Sinica and historian now living in America, donated his life-long collection of scholarly material to the National Central Library in Taiwan. The collection includes more than 5,000 books and periodicals, and more than ten large boxes of research notes. 

The Library formally accepted this donation, in a long-distance ceremony, held with the assistance of the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco (TECO). Dr. Tseng Shu-hsien, Director General of the National Central Library, Professor Wang Fan-sen, a senior research fellow at the Institute of History and Philology at Academia Sinica, and Professor Chang’s family, including his daughter Charlotte, his son-in-law James Lastoskie, and his 5-year-old grandson, and friends participated in person and online. Scott Lai, the Director General of TECO in San Francisco presented a certificate of appreciation to Professor Chang on behalf of the Library.

“The books and papers that will soon be making their voyage across the Pacific filled all the homes that Dad and our mom have lived in over their 55 years of marriage.” His daughter Charlotte said during in the ceremony “They would collect in giant piles on the living room coffee tables and bookshelves throughout the house, in his home offices, and in his offices at Ohio State University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.” 

“Dad always says that he is very lucky. In so many instances in his life, he has marveled at the incredible people he has been surrounded by, how privileges afforded him opportunities that many others would never have, how fate seemed to give him a little lift at opportune times. Indeed he is lucky, and we are lucky too, and today is more evidence of that. This rare honor represents Dad’s considerable hard work and accomplishments. He is very happy and grateful that the National Central Library will make this collection available to many more people around the world to read and put to use.”