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Successor Plan for the International Affairs - Establishing A Talent Bridging and Inheritance Mechanism


In order to cultivate and participate in international sports affairs and nurture Taiwan’s sports affairs talent and position development in a systematic way, the Sports Administration is promoting the “International Affairs Successor Plan”. The aim of the Plan is to nurture outstanding international sports affairs talent, strive for upgrading of positions and pass on internationals sports position development and operation experience.

The Plan is focused on passing on the experience of people who hold important positions in international sports organizations to groom talent to increase Taiwan’s influence in international sports organizations. A successful successor plan begins with the support and commitment of sports groups and people who hold positions in international sports organizations; secondly, with plan formulation and communication. The focus points of work at present include association successor echelon nurturing (such as selection) and education and training (such as language ability, negotiating skills, international etiquette and related professional competencies,) attending international sports event, meetings and events, inviting people with important positions in international organizations to Taiwan and striving for international organization position related lobbying work, etc. 

In the trial stage last year, weightlifting, athletics, shooting, equestrian, and softball associations were given guidance and submitted a list of recommendees and mid and long-term plans. This year, this plan will support the nurturing of outstanding successor echelons according to the development needs and strategies of more associations and consolidate and strive for positions for people from Taiwan in international sports organizations, highlighting Taiwan’s international participation and enhancing our influence in international sport.