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Level of facilities at the National Sports Training Center raised again, creating a new training environment atmosphere

National Sports Training Center Main Entrance

To mold the overall image of the main entrance of the National Sports Training Center and improve road safety for drivers and pedestrians in the surrounding area as well as provide good flow lines, after almost a year of construction, the all-new main entrance will soon come into use and give the training environment a new atmosphere. The Center is an important base for training our national athletes, making every effort to provide an excellent training environment. The purpose is not only to support the athletes as they prepare to take part in international competition, but to also help them achieve good results. The Center has been supported by a large amount of funding over the years and it is an important policy of the Sports Administration. Taiwanese athletes’ haul of 2 golds, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, our best ever results. Apart from the arduous training and support of the logistics team, the key to this achievement was a complete and high-quality training environment.

The Sports Administration launched the Project of setting National Sports Park and the Training Personnel in 2009 with the aim of improving the facilities of the National Sports Training Center in stages. In phases 1 and 2, the new indoor intensive training hall (balls sports and martial arts hall), Gongxi Shooting Range and other important facilities as well as athlete dormitories, dining hall and other living facilities were completed, allowing athletes to focus on training in a quality environment without worries. Phase 3 of the Project was launched in 2020, continuing to improve training facilities at the Center and also bringing the adjacent military school base into the scope of planning to meet the training requirements of various sports.

The first part of Phase 3 of the Project completed is the main entrance and entrance image of the National Sports Training Center. The overall appearance echoes the streamlined skyline of Kaohsiung National Stadium, giving the Center an imposing look. The much-anticipated archery range improvement project is expected to be completed in July, 2022, and the range will be used for practice by both recurve bow and compound bow archers based in the Center so they can fully focus on preparing for competition. The softball and baseball field, all-weather throwing field and the Center’s all-round running track are in the planning stage and it is estimated they will be completed in 2024. 

Also, 4 hectares of land has been allocated from the military school and will be used for the building of a swimming hall and tennis courts. The construction projects have completed environmental impact assessment and urban planning case change and other operations and are being professionally handled by the Public Construction Commission (PCC) on behalf of the Sports Administration. Planning and design work will start this year and construction is expected to be complete in 2026. Phase 1 of the Sports Administration’s Project involved cooperation with the PCC on construction of a new indoor intensive training hall (balls sports and martial arts hall) this phase sees cooperation again after a few years; it is expected that it will provide a better quality training environment for Taiwan’s athletes.

In recent years, Taiwan’s athletes have repeatedly achieved good results in international competition, showing that a complete training environment helps them do well in competition. It is hoped that Phase 3 of the Project will create a high quality, safe, technological and international standard training environment and that this will help our athletes continue to exceed their limits and shine on the sports field, to boost the morale of the people and let the world see Taiwan.