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In the summer heat of Taiwan school semi-outdoor courts become the first choice for cool sports

The semi-outdoor court at An-hsing Elementary School in Tainan merges in the colors of the local centipede parade formation

The School Sports Statistical Yearbook published in January 2022 states there are 888 semi-outdoor courts at schools below senior high school level nationally. The semi-outdoor courts provide schools with a comfortable place for sports, whether it rains or shines. As well as the semi-outdoor courts built using public budget, some have been built with private investment in line with the green energy policy; as of June, 2022, 102 school photovoltaic courts had been built. The courts include semi-outdoor courts built by 203 elementary and junior high schools in 21 cities and counties that were too small to be built by private companies and so received a total of NT$1.996 billion in subsidies obtained by the Ministry of Education in 2019 from the Executive Yuan.


These semi-outdoor courts approved by the Executive Yuan were all completed by the end of April, 2022. Apart from the efforts and effective execution of the subsidized schools and local government, this was possible due to the semi-outdoor court design drawing templates and construction tender document templates provided by the Sports Administration which reduced the administrative burden of school administrative staff, increased the efficiency of renovation and raised the quality of education, building a quality sports environment.


In the height of summer when the temperature is high for days on end, semi-outdoor courts that provide shelter from the rain and from the sun are the first choice for playing basketball with friends. As soon as a semi-outdoor court is entered it feels much cooler than outside. The spacious and well-ventilated courts pay attention to green energy sustainable development as well as reducing the risk of viral infection in an enclosed space. Semi-outdoor courts are the new heaven, providing shelter from rain and sun for people who love sports.


The semi-outdoor court at Yilan County Daxi Elementary School was completed and opened in 2021. Principal Fang Jun-chin said“The school also renovated stone seats around the new semi-outdoor court to form a leisure corridor. As they can play out of the glare of the sun, on ordinary days it is a favorite place for the children to play; at weekend and holiday times, a large number of basketball player and parents with children come for sport and leisure. It is a comfy and beautiful sports environment”.


Kung Yi-chuo, Director of General Affairs at Tainan City An-nan Junior High School said “Professional teachers at the school took part in the design of the semi-outdoor court. The red roof and purple steel frame and nighttime lighting make it like an ‘Internet celebrity court’. It provides a quality space for physical education activities for students and teachers in class time and is a good place for exercise for local residents after class. The court is full of players on ordinary days and on weekends and holidays”. Principal Hung Bao-tung of Tainan City Nanhsing Elementary School said “The school originally lacked large indoor spaces for sports and assembly. Since the completion of the semi-outdoor court, morning assembly, skills presentations, rainy day PE class, club practice and sports day can all use it. The design of the semi-outdoor court also merges in the centipede parade formation of Gongwen Village in its school area, merging local culture into building aesthetics; the school has also invited tenders for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the semi-outdoor court to combine with green energy education development”.


Principal Chuang Zong-lin of Kaohsiung City Fu-an Elementary School introduced his school’s green building wooden structure semi-outdoor court. The roof is semi-circular to reduce the accumulation of leaves and the colors merge with the campus design, creating a lively sports space. The court is open to the public after class to increase the use rate, representing a good example of school and community cooperation. Due to the protection from rain and sun the semi-outdoor court gives, it can be used when it rains and when the sun is hot as well, as being used as a multifunction space to give more flexibility to class arrangements.


The Sports Administration said it will continue to improve school sports venues and, in line with the green energy policy of the Executive Yuan, guide schools to build photovoltaic courts that provide shelter from rain and sun; and also assist schools without photovoltaic courts built by private companies to build semi-outdoor courts adapted to local conditions, to pay attention to green energy and campus sustainable development and create comfortable sports venues for teachers and students to help make children love sports and develop the habit of regular exercise.