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2022 Taiwan Technical and Vocational Higher Education Exhibition in East Malaysia Promotes Study in Taiwan

The guests and participating university representatives at the 2022 Taiwan Technical and Vocational Higher Education Exhibition

The 2022 Taiwan Technical and Vocational Higher Education Exhibition was held on November 28 and November 29 at Wong Nai Siong Secondary School in Sibu, and on December 1 and December 2 at Kian Kok Middle School in Kota Kinabalu. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, Hsing Wu University, in conjunction with the Sarawak Taiwan Graduates Association and the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah. 
The exhibition was designed to promote the unique features of and opportunities offered by Taiwan’s higher education, and technical and vocational education in Malaysia. It drew the participation of 22 universities and colleges of science and technology in Taiwan, introducing specialized education and training that they offer in 14 fields—including health care, technology, cultural and creative industries, semiconductors, design, and intelligent management—through a series of interactive activities in the dynamic implementation and experimental exhibition areas. 
Ms. Hu Shih-Lin, a senior specialist at the Department of Technological and Vocational Education, welcomed the students and teachers to the exhibition on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan. She thanked the organizers for all their efforts to arrange and hold this event and expressed her appreciation to the participating universities for their dedication. She emphasized that Taiwan’s technical and vocational education (TVE) has three key advantages: it is a comprehensive talent development system; it has a diversified and adaptive academic structure; and it features excellence in industrial-academic cooperation. Students can find programs that suit their inclinations and abilities, and meet the demands of the job market, thereby enhancing the graduates’ employability and marketability. Taiwan’s Ministry of Education encourages international student enrolment in the institutions of higher education in Taiwan to increase opportunities for international exchanges. She gave details of the multi-channel admission for international TVE students and encouraged the students to approach universities they are considering attending and the alumni associations in Malaysia to obtain further information. 
Mr. Siew Tick Chai, the chair of the Sarawak Taiwan Graduates Association, and Mr. Pang Thou Chong, chair of the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah, each made welcoming remarks. They pointed out that Taiwan has a globally recognized education system and relatively affordable tuition costs, and so Taiwan has always been an ideal destination for Malaysian students to pursue higher studies. They stressed that nowadays, in the emerging technological era, TVE plays an essential role in economic development, industrial upgrading, and training highly skilled professionals. They both expressed their hopes that the range of creative and innovative science and technology activities in the education exhibition would inspire more technologically and practically inclined students to get involved in TVE and choose careers in related fields.
Ms. Charlin Chang, the director of the Education Division of TECO in Malaysia, applauded the contribution of the Sarawak Taiwan Graduates Association and Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah to promoting study in Taiwan by providing students with further study counselling. This was the first education exhibition in Malaysia to specifically highlight the features of higher institutions of science and technology. She pointed out that higher education in Taiwan provides students with up-to-date programs, high quality teaching, and comprehensive facilities, equipping them with the technological skills needed by industries.  
Dr. Chen Yi-Wen, the president of Hsing Wu University, then said that the exhibition prepared 22 university specialized learning areas with different themes and fields. The students could visit a learning area corresponding to a field of study they were interested in and participate in a 40-minute in-depth learning experience. He told the students that this was also a great opportunity for them to obtain study information and counselling which will help them to understand their aptitudes and interests and identify suitable courses.