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The Ulaanbaatar East Asian Youth Games 2023 opens amidst bustling scenes Taiwan’s 3X3 women’s basketball player Chen Li-hsuan and men’s volleyball player Pi Tsung-yuan carried the Chinese Taipei flag

Taiwan’s delegation took part in the opening ceremony of the East Asian Youth Games Ulaanbaatar 2023

The opening ceremony of the East Asian Youth Games Ulaanbaatar 2023 (EAYG), which was originally scheduled to be held on August 16 and was postponed by one day due to rain at the National Stadium in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Men's volleyball player Pi Tsung-yuan from the Taiwan delegation acted as flag bearers; they entered the stadium with heads held high, led by Taiwan’s Chef de mission Chu Wen-ching. According to the practice of international multisport competitions, the Taiwan delegation entered the arena in the order of "T" after Macau and before the host country Mongolia. The various country delegations entered the arena to loud cheers from spectators. The opening ceremony showcased the enthusiasm and vitality of youth in full. 
There are a total of 188 people in the Taiwan delegation for this EAYG, of which 112 athletes will participate in 11 sports competitions, including track and field, and emerging sports particularly popular with young people or viewers in recent years that have been included in the Olympic and Asian Games such as 3X3 basketball and e-sports. In addition, the delegation has also formed a medical team with 3 team doctors, 7 athletic trainers, and 6 physical therapists to fully support the medical needs of the players and coaches.
This year EAYG has delegations formed by 8 national Olympic committees of the East Asian Olympic Committees, namely, Chinese Taipei, Mongolia, China, North Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Macau participating (Guam is an associate member and is not participating). With 2,400 athletes and coaches gathered together, the EAYG is the first Asian youth international multi-sports event to be held since the pandemic.
The Sports Administration said that it is hoped that the young athletes participating in the East Asian Youth Games 2023 Ulaanbaatar will fully bring the results of their regular training into play, surpass themselves, and achieve good results in competition. By competing against foreign athletes, they can raise their level of competitiveness, gain experience of international competitions and make young foreign friends.