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The Ministry of Education (MOE) celebrates National Grandparents Day Grandparents and grandchildren have fun and learn from each other


With National Grandparents Day approaching, the MOE initiated the first National Grandparents Day on Sunday, August 29, 2010, and since then it has been celebrated on the fourth Sunday of August every year. This year marks the 14th anniversary, and therefore, like every year in August and September, the MOE, in collaboration with the city and county governments, organizes various activities in response to "National Grandparents Day". In conjunction with senior learning and youth development, the MOE hopes to promote family harmony and participation through intergenerational learning.
Political Deputy Minister of Education, Ming-Yu Lin said that Taiwan's senior population has continued to increase, so the MOE attaches great importance to the development and learning process from early childhood to becoming senior citizens. “Lifelong Learning” takes place from birth to old age, from family to society. Each stage has its own learning objectives and implications. Therefore, this year, a grandparent’s life story essay writing activity was organized, "Meeting You Through Time and Space" with the theme of "Life Stories from Our Grandparents". The grandparents' life stories are used to record their golden years, inspiring people who are going through different stages of life to understand and learn from their experiences, which is also the spirit and goal of the MOE's long-standing efforts in promoting intergenerational education.
The MOE held a National Grandparents Day press conference and a fair at the National Taiwan Science Education Center on August 27, and organized an award ceremony for the essay writing activity with a display area to show the winning entries to the public. The fair was set up by education-related organizations and other foundations with various interactive games and displays, welcoming parents and children. There were Ocean Family Sisters Storytelling, Drumming for Life - Qing Qing Taiko Drumming Team, and a magic balloon show, as well as various performances. On-site raffles provided prizes to the public for participating in the interactive games.