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15 Indian Schools Join Taiwan’s IEW International Education Initiative after a Delegation of Principals Visits Taiwan

Venkateshwar International School in New Delhi is one of the schools taking part in international education through Taiwan’s IEW platform

A delegation of Indian school principals visited Taiwan in May, 2023, and  the visiting principals were impressed by Taiwan’s dynamic education system: effective mainstream vocational education that supports entrepreneurship,  and effective use of technology in education are some of its hallmarks. Since their successful visit, more Indian schools have been showing greater interest in collaboration with schools in Taiwan and fifteen have already registered on Taiwan’s IEW platform. They hope that opportunities will be available to enhance the overall learning experience of their students and educators, as well as to contribute to the continuous improvement of India’s education system and strengthen ties between India  and Taiwan. International exchanges between schools in India and Taiwan can establish the groundwork for mutual growth and provide myriad ways to foster students’ love for learning and their creativity. This will help the students’ holistic development and introduce students and teachers alike to innovative ideas and methodologies. 
The schools that have registered on the IEW platform include some of India’s prestigious international schools (in alphabetical order): Blue Bells Model School, DarBari Lal DAV Model School, Delhi Public School, Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Mahavir Senior Model School, Mount Abu Junior School, Police DAV School, Rohini, Shri Ram Global School, Shirdi Sai Public School, Shri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir School, St. Mary’s School, and Venkateshwar International School. 
International education is an excellent way to build people-to-people links and practical relations between people in different parts of our shared world. The bonds formed will enhance students’ global understanding and learning and pave way for future collaborations, and the schools are all looking forward to having interactions and exchanges with schools in Taiwan.