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The 2024 Subsidy Program for the Recruitment of Sports Instructors by Enterprises launches mid-March

The 2024 Subsidy Program for the Recruitment of Sports Instructors by Enterprises launches mid-March

In order to promote diverse employment of sports talents and popularize employee sports, the Sports Administration (SA) initiated the “Program for the Recruitment Sports Instructors by Enterprises” since 2018. This encourages enterprises to employ sports instructors for diverse employee sports activities, boosting the workplace sports atmosphere and employee vitality. Explanatory meetings for this year's subsidy program will be held in three sessions across North, Central, and South Taiwan on April 9th, 10th and 12th, respectively, aiming to encourage more enterprises to promote employee sports.

Promoting this project will not only improve the quality of life and happiness of employees but also enhance productivity and work efficiency. So far, the SA's “Program for the Recruitment of Sports Instructors by Enterprises” has guided enterprises to hire 577 sports instructors and subsidized the organization of more than 2,000 employee sports activities, with nearly 530,000 participants. The positive development of employee benefits and work-life balance has become prominent as enterprises promote sustainability.

The SA’s 2024 “Program for the Recruitment of Sports Instructors by Enterprises”  will accept applications from mid-March. Enterprises that hire one sports instructor can apply for maximum funding of NT$300,000 for employee sports activities. In order to encourage enterprises to recruit sports talents and hire individuals with "National Physical Fitness Coach Certificate", rewards have been increased this year to a maximum of NT$150,000. Enterprises that employ sports instructors can apply for a maximum of NT$1.05 million. It is hoped that the enthusiasm and expertise of sports talents will invigorate the enterprise working atmosphere, foster employee unity, and enhance enterprises’ regular sports culture, thereby improving employee lifestyles and promoting health.

In addition to funding, the SA also offers free incentive measures such as "Technological Fitness Testing", "Lectures by Sports Celebrities/Ambassadors", and "Guidance and Consulting Services". Additionally, it provides the "Sports Instructor Empowerment Course" and "National Physical Fitness Instructor Advanced Training" to assist enterprises in promoting employee sports and activating corporate human resources. Furthermore, online job search and talent matching services are provided through the "i Sports Information Platform" to connect enterprises with sports professionals.