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A Zheng Chouyu Lecture and Poetry Reading Event Impressed the Audience with the Beauty of Taiwan’s Literature

Zheng Chouyu (鄭愁予), one of Taiwan’s most famous poets, was warmly welcomed at a lecture and poetry reading event entitled Wandering-Homecoming, held at San Francisco State University on November 9, 2013. An audience of more than 300 people gathered together to enjoy Zheng reading his poetry and hear him talk about his life beyond writing. Among the attendees were university students who are passionate about their Mandarin Chinese studies and Chinese literature, and lovers of Zheng’s poetry from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This event was also well covered by local print and TV media, giving Taiwan’s literature, culture, and language an excellent exposure.

San Francisco State University (SFSU) is a public education institution which has been greatly promoting Mandarin Chinese studies and cultural activities in the community, and it has served as a Contact Point of the Taiwan Academy since 2011, in response to a recommendation by the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco. Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture has overseen the Taiwan Academy since an upgrading and reorganization of the Council for Cultural Affairs in 2012, and it is making great efforts to fulfill its mandate to promote international exchanges in the field of Taiwan’s culture and arts.

The Zheng Chouyu event was held in cooperation with Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, under the umbrella of its Taiwan Academy Spotlight Project. Chinese education has enjoyed thriving development in San Francisco in recent years, accompanied by a significantly growth in Chinese cultural and educational activities. TECO’s Education Division in San Francisco will continue reaching out to local overseas institutions and facilitating different kinds of collaboration to create even more opportunities to present the beauty of more aspects of Taiwan and Chinese culture to international communities, and enhance people’s interest in language studies and Taiwan.