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Meeting for Overseas Taiwanese Scholarship Students in London

New Dragon Restaurant in London’s Chinatown was the congenial venue for a lunch and afternoon gathering organised by the Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK held on March 8, 2014, to bring together scholarship students from Taiwan.

A total of 109 students studying at universities throughout the UK, attended the event. These students are all recipients of one of four scholarships: a prestigious Ministry of Education Scholarship; a Study Abroad Scholarship; a Technology Talent Scholarship; or a Taiwan-Cambridge Scholarship.

The meeting was hosted by Ms Fen-Chuan Hsu, Deputy Representative of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK. She offered a warm welcome to everyone assembled and encouraged the students to make the most of their opportunities, strive to improve their prospects, and take pride in their achievements.

The guests were also greeted by the Director of the Education Division, Mr Yen-Heng Ouyang, and several colleagues from his office. The Education Division serves as the official London-based representation of the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, and actively supports academic development and works to promote international exchange in educational contexts. Its responsibilities include striving to enhance relations between Taiwan and the UK, promoting educational exchange, and providing support and assistance to Taiwanese students at institutions across the UK and in Ireland.

The student participants were reminded to pay attention to their personal safety and take care of their personal belongings, while adapting to their new environments,and to comply with all rules and respect local customs. Above all, the students were encouraged to circulate, to keep in touch with the new friends they had met that afternoon, and to maintain contact with the Education Division for the duration of their studies in the UK.