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U-START Helps Young People Become Entrepreneurs

U-START Helps Young People Become Entrepreneurs
Supported by Youth Development Administration, MOE, 2013 College and Universities Graduates Entrepreneur Program (U-START program) chose 13 excellent entrepreneur teams and provided them around NT$11.85 million (US$392,128) subsidy to run their own business. Award ceremony and an exhibition were held on March 25 to show the achievements in the last six months. Executive Yuan Minister without Portfolio Joyce Yen Feng gave out awards and stated the government’s support and encouragement toward young entrepreneurs.

Director-general of Youth Development Administration, MOE, Lo, Ching-shui stated that selected teams attended counseling arranged by university innovation incubation centers. After half a year of actual experience, young entrepreneurs have made their first achievements and U-START effectively provided colleges and universities graduates entrepreneurial opportunities. The program promoted the cooperation between schools and industry. An innovative atmosphere was created in universities and colleges. Political Deputy Minister Huang Pi-twan was impressed by those hard-working teams trying to make their entrepreneur dreams come true.

Since 2009, U-START integrated innovations from colleges and universities with industry resources to provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Through the end of January 2014, 555 teams were subsidized by U-START while 293 started new companies.

Bold and creative teams of entrepreneurs came up ideas based on public needs. Combined with local culture and training from school, they developed innovative, high-tech and market-driven products, making U-START successful at encouraging the development of entrepreneurs.