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Two Universities in Northern California Recruit Chinese Teachers from Taiwan for the 2014 Academic Year

Taiwan has maintained a strong positive presence in local Chinese speaking communities, providing international education institutions with quality instructors of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language with the continuous support of the Ministry of Education. For the approaching academic year, two universities in northern California, the University of California Davis and Mills College, have been working with the TECO Education Division in San Francisco to recruit Chinese visiting lecturers from Taiwan.

The University of California, Davis began a Chinese Visiting Teacher collaboration with the MOE in 2012. Ms. I-Chia Lee was selected as the first teacher from Taiwan in the program. She completed the maximum two-year overseas teaching term there and set the collaboration off to an excellent start, enhancing students’ language proficiency and greatly strengthening connections between UC Davis and Taiwan. UC Davis was pleased to renew the collaboration agreement for recruiting another teacher from Taiwan to make a similar contribution.

The other partner university is Mills College. The college’s Chinese program was launched in 2012 and has been growing in popularity on campus, and the college initiated the recruiting collaboration with the MOE early this year. It plans to offer a wider range of both basic and advanced language classes in the upcoming academic year, as well as culture-related courses. Having a high quality creative teacher from Taiwan to contribute to their developing Chinese program will definitely be a great boon for the College.

The MOE provides the selected teachers from Taiwan with a monthly stipend of US$1,200 for up to two years, a round-trip international airfare, and a teaching material subsidy of US$300. The international partner universities provide matching funds towards the salaries for their selected teachers and benefits.
Both UC Davis and Mills College received dozens of applications for their Chinese language programs and students will soon be looking forward to the new classes.