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Ministry of Education Awards Outstanding Teaching Teams and Student Models of Elementary/Junior High School Remedial Education Implementation Project

Education is the foundation of national development. In order to fulfill the ideal of equal educational opportunity and social justice, the Ministry of Education integrated two projects: the “Educational Priority Area Project — Learning Assistance” and the “Collaboration Project — After School Assistance,” and started the “Elementary/Junior High School Remedial Education Implementation Project since 2013.” For the purpose of encouraging municipality and county (city) governments and public elementary and junior high schools to participate in this project, the MOE held an outstanding teaching teams and student models selection. The purpose of this event was not only to honor hard working teaching teams and students, but also to select nationwide teaching team and student role models.

Municipality and county (city) governments recommended the outstanding teaching teams and student models based on the outstanding selection implementation project. 41 teaching teams and 22 students were chosen after the primary selection. The secondary selection was held by an MOE selection group and included a document review of outstanding teaching teams and student models recommended by municipality and county (city) governments. 25 teaching teams and 9 students entered the final selection and each received an award. The MOE selection group conducted on-site interviews during the final selection. The list of awarded outstanding teaching teams and student models are as follows:

National Outstanding Teaching Teams:
Qing-Tan Elementary School, Xindian District, New Taipei City(新北市新店區青潭國小)
Xin-Guang Elementary School, Jianshih Township, Shinchu County(新竹縣尖石鄉新光國小)
Dung-Jhu Elementary School, Fuli Township, Hualien County) 花蓮縣富里鄉東竹國小)
Yu-Hsien Junior High School, Shinchu City(新竹市立育賢國中)
Feng-Si Junior High Scholl, Kaohsiung City(高雄市立鳳西國中)

National Outstanding Student Models:
Cai,Wen-Jing (蔡汶璟) from Dung-Jhu Elementary School, Fuli Township, Hualien County
Luo,Si-Yu (羅思喻) from Ren-Ai Elementary School, Taitung City, Taitung County
Zhen,Shu-Man (陳淑滿) from Gu-Ting Elementary School, Da-an District, Taipei
Zhang,Hong-Zhi (張閎智) from Hong-Jen Junior High School, Nantou County
Wen,Jun-Wei (溫俊惟) from Chih-Shang Junior High School, Taitung County

Recipients of the “National Outstanding Teaching Team” were awarded NT$50,000 and a trophy. The money can be used as an incentive for hard working team members and for other needs to promote the project. Outstanding student models were each awarded NT$6,000 and a trophy. Their excellent achievements will be put on the “Remedial Instruction Implementation Project”website ( for municipality and county (city) governments to serve as a learning model. Teachers are welcome to join the project and put effort into helping disadvantaged children to learn better.

Many teachers and school administrators devoted themselves to the students. They saw great potential in each student and would not give up on anyone. Teachers plant seeds of hope in children’s hearts and patiently cultivate them. In the long run, students’ learning outcome will grow from seeds into big trees. Disadvantaged students need our care. Hopefully this project inspires more schools to devote resources to disadvantaged students and encourages adaptive teaching strategies and materials. The project spreads love and caring which makes Taiwan a warmer and better place.