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New Taipei Municipal Yong Ping High School and Gymnasium Unterrieden Sindelfingen in Stuttgart Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their Sister School Partnership

New Taipei Municipal Yong Ping High School has had a sister-school relationship with Gymnasium Unterrieden Sindelfingen in Stuttgart in Germany for 20 years now. The two schools celebrated the 20th anniversary of their partnership in July this year.
Mrs. Liu Shu-Fen, the principal, accompanied 37 teachers and students from Yong Ping High School on a visit to Gymnasium Unterrieden Sindelfingen, to be there for the 20th anniversary celebration on July 18, which was attended by approximately 100 guests. Mrs. Martina Fuchs, the principal of Gymnasium Unterrieden Sindelfingen gave a speech at the anniversary celebration ceremony and spoke about how this valuable international relationship between the two schools has promoted an international perspective, tolerance, and understandings between the schools and their respective nations. She expressed her wishes for this special tradition to keep going and develop further in the future.
Ms. Weng Chin-Ying, Director of the Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Germany, Dr. Bernd Voehringer, the Mayor of Sindelfingen, and Mrs. Christina Schleuer from the Regional Board of Education in Stuttgart were each invited to speak at the ceremony, and they each expressed their best wishes and congratulations to the two schools.
The visitors from Yong Ping High School spent their two-week visit to Gymnasium Unterrieden Sindelfingen carrying on the tradition of both schools: intensively exchanging ideas, learning from each other, and coming to better understand each other.