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First MOE Subsidies for Universities that Offer Teacher Training Programs to Provide Overseas Teacher Traineeships and Overseas Teaching Internships - 2016

Taiwan has gained an international reputation for the soundness of its teacher training programs. In order to encourage students undertaking teacher education programs to become teachers with a global outlook, the MOE issued its Directions Governing MOE Subsidies for Universities that Offer Teacher Training Programs to Provide Overseas Teacher Traineeships and Overseas Teaching Internships on August 18, 2016. This subsidy program is based on the Elevate Youth Students’ Global Mobility Project, and universities that offer teacher training programs can now submit applications for subsidies.
The subsidy program is designed to help bring to life the idea of “borderless teachers”. Teacher education program students who participate in traineeships and internships at overseas K-12 schools and preschools will enhance their own knowledge and skills, and at the same time spread information abroad about Taiwan’s educational strong points. The subsidy program enables Taiwanese students to come into contact with the strengths and philosophies of different educational systems around the world, such as the freedom of thought in Denmark, multi-culturalism in Malaysia, and “flipped education” in the US. Experiencing world trends and learning about the educational features and philosophies of other countries will help students to break down the limitations of traditional Taiwanese education, and transform them into outstanding teachers with new ideas and open minds. This will also promote educational exchanges between universities in Taiwan Universities that offer teacher training programs and overseas schools.
In keeping with the government’s New Southbound Policy and to assist students overseas, the MOE may give priority to applications submitted by universities planning to arrange teacher traineeships and teaching internships in Southeast Asia and in schools for children of Taiwanese businesspeople in the Mainland Area.
Separate subsidies will be available for overseas teacher traineeships and for overseas teaching internships. The person in charge of each group going overseas must have experience guiding students doing educational internships. The overseas teacher traineeships must be for at least 13 days, and overseas teaching internships must be for at least two months. A university applying for either form of subsidy must demonstrate that it has funds for the associated program. The university funding must be at least 20% of the total amount for the project that the MOE has reviewed and approved. The MOE subsidy available will vary between overseas regions. The maximum subsidy available to a university applying for a full group of trainee teachers to do overseas teacher traineeships applications is NT$ 1.3 million (for Europe, America, and Oceania). The maximum subsidy available for a full group of trainee teachers to do overseas teaching internship is NT$ 2.4 million (in Europe).
The MOE will adjust the subsidy amounts in accordance with the annual budget, the number of participating universities and people, and a review of the outcomes.
The MOE appointed National Pingtung University to hold a briefing session to explain the application process and essential related matters. For more information regarding 2016 applications, please visit the “borderless teacher” activity area of National Pingtung University’s website ( and the “MOE borderless teachers” Facebook page (

Teacher education program students are welcome to read the directions online, and acquire more information about the current state of the program and eligibility and registration from their universities. Overseas K-12 schools and preschools that are willing to cooperate with one of the 52 universities in Taiwan that offer teacher training programs are welcome to contact the university directly. Universities should submit applications for project funding support the MOE to evaluate and review before the advertised deadline.