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Making dreams come true in New York City 2017

On August 1, 2017, a delegation of students from the Department of Financial Management at Kun Shan University, organized by Professor Ouyang Yenhui, arrived in New York City. The students are taking part in the pilot Overseas Internships Program sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.
The pilot overseas internships give excellent students selected by their university an opportunity to gain experience by getting some practical training in an overseas enterprise or professional institute.
Five students from Kun Shan University were selected to participate in the program this year. They spent their time in a New York accounting firm, studying how to help clients to reduce their taxes and complete their tax returns, and visited several financial institutions. In addition, through Hou CPA arrangements, they visited Merrill Lynch, Amerasia Bank, East West Bank, and Cathay Bank, and the New York stock exchange, where they spoke with professionals, and observed carefully, learning about the increasingly fierce competition between banks, and about emerging financial technology (FinTech) in New York.

This internship program gives students a wonderful opportunity to expand their overseas horizons, learn how to respond to financial and technological changes, and set personal goals to strive to become a competent financial professional.

Jennifer Wang, the Acting Director of the Education Division at TECO-NY arranged a welcoming party for the students where she expressed her appreciation to Prof. Ouyang and gave encouragement to the students, saying that these students are full of passion and highly motivated. She advised them to use this golden opportunity to study in a foreign nation and to take in its allure and culture. She wished everyone that their personal dream would come true in the future.