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Conference on Results of 2018 Promotion of Sexuality Education (including HIV Prevention) in Taiwan’s Universities


World AIDS Day is on December 1, and the Ministry of Education is holding a conference at National Taiwan Normal University on November 26, to present reports on the results of the 2018 promotion of sexuality education (including HIV Prevention) in Taiwan’s universities. At the conference, fourteen universities that have been implementing sexuality education on campus this year presented the substantial results of their innovative on-campus sexuality education strategies.

The Ministry of Education has been working with the Mercy Memorial Foundation on the Universities’ Sexuality Education—including HIV Prevention—Implementation Project since 2013, to strengthen sexuality education at universities nationwide. The Ministry of Education promotes sexuality education and also conducts pilot projects at universities. All universities must implement sexuality education as a mandatory part of the Ministry’s Health Promoting Schools program, a program which encompasses six designated dimensions: 1. each university’s own health policies; 2. health education and activities; 3. health services; 4. a healthy physical environment; 5. a healthy social environment; and 6. community relations. The Ministry of Education promotes and popularizes related university projects and uses them as demonstration examples, and since 2013, 56 universities in Taiwan have taken part in these popularization efforts. 

The 14 universities presented reports at the conference about the outcomes of the following activities, and there was a display of sexuality education and HIV prevention posters and visual materials.

National Taiwan Normal University compiled information about HIV/AIDS prevention, and produced digital materials such as health education short films. It also created a counseling center to help students with sexuality and HIV related problems. 
Taipei City University of Science and Technology held slogan and short film creativity competitions, and cohosted promotion events with elementary and secondary schools in the community. 

Chung Yuan Christian University held a Zero AIDS Infections, Zero Discrimination, Zero Deaths mask design competition, to increase student awareness and ensure that students have accurate knowledge about related topics. 

Vanung University created the Eight Reliable Steps to a Healthy Relationship visual guide to inform students that, after making an emotional commitment, they need to learn about the responsibilities involved and maintaining long-term relationships. 

Lunghwa University of Science and Technology set up a Sunflower Volunteer Club and jointly worked together with community medical treatment units to hold a series of lectures and health promotion activities and provide confidential HIV testing.

National Taichung University of Science and Technology held a condom packaging design competition to promote the importance of safer sexual activities. 

Feng Chia University integrated its on-campus resources and collaborated with relevant off-campus authorities to hold a series of HIV education promotion talks and activities, such as road runs, sport competitions. It also designed innovative health promotion giveaways.

National Chung Cheng University trained students club members to promote sexuality education at Nantou County Daan Elementary School. 
Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology set up related courses and trained student volunteers to promote sexuality education, and held an HIV prevention poster competition and exhibition. 

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (Nanzi Campus) worked with nearby medical and health authorities on related public health promotion events. It also created a Facebook page, and established a counseling hotline. 

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology incorporated sexuality education into national security courses provided by its Military Education Department and collaborated with suitable groups to hold a course of lectures to promote public health. 

National Pingtung University integrated large-scale campus wide healthy activities, with its president and senior administrators leading the way. The theme was Responsible Love, Healthy Sex and designed stickers with the activities theme.

Tajen University trained its teachers to provide sexuality education and HIV prevention information to students effectively. 
National Dong Hwa University worked with organizers of a community exposition to integrate sexuality education into the exposition, and organized “overcome obstacles” challenge activities and set up an associated fan page in its dormitory area 

The Ministry of Education emphasized that everyone needs to work together to implement sexuality education and HIV prevention and safeguard students’ health. It will continue the Universities’ Sexuality Education—including HIV Prevention—Implementation Project and continue to make sexuality education a mandatory part of the Health Promoting Schools program, for universities to comprehensively promote and implement. This will nurture their students’ sound attitudes and personal values and equip them with life skills that will increase their ability to deal with sexuality related issues.