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“Understanding Drugs • Reading • Health • Happiness” Special Educational Exhibition to Combat


From February 21 to June 4, 2019, the Ministry of Education is cooperating with the CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation in implementing the exhibition titled “Special Educational Exhibition to Combat Drug Abuse.” The Exhibition is held at the National Library of Public Information in Taichung City. Citizens can understand the damages of drugs through both the promotion of lifelong learning and knowledge of how to combat drug abuse at the library. The special Exhibition is based on “Understanding Drugs • Reading • Health • Happiness,” which hopes to demonstrate to everyone that they can lead enriched lives of happiness via positive leisure activities, such as reading.

Emerging drugs are disguised in a variety of packages. Models of these packages are displayed in the special exhibition. These models are replicas of the same packages drug dealers use to deceive people. We should be alert and not consume unidentified products. In addition, simulated drug odors like Ketamine and Cannabis are on display. Although the odors are made with synthetic materials, they are 80% similar to the real ones. The pungent odor can be very shocking.

To encourage parents and children to learn how to combat drug abuse, the Ministry of Education has set up parent-child workshops at the exhibition. The public can create “DIY” drug-combatting souvenirs. Performance groups are organized to perform on the weekends. The public is welcome to pay attention to the issue of drug abuse while reading in the library to build up a healthy homeland without drugs.