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Procedures for Applying to Study Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan


Choose a School
Complete the Application
Obtain a Visa
Entry & Exit

1. Choose a School

Many schools and universities welcome international applicants. Based on their personal interest and courses offered, applicants can choose among a wide range of schools. You can get more schools' information from this handbook, or the following websites:
‧ Study in Taiwan:
Mandarin Chinese Studies in Taiwan (pdf file)

2. Complete The Application

Applicants must submit the following documents when applying for a school:



      Application for enrollment (the format of which is to be determined by each individual school)

      A photocopy of the graduation certificate from the highest foreign educational institution completed (in Mandarin Chinese or English translation)

      An English translation of the transcript of the student’s entire course work at that institution

      Two letters of recommendation

      A health certificate (including an HIV test)

      A study plan in Mandarin Chinese or English


3. Obtain a Visa

Visitor visas and resident visas are issued to students depending on the length of their study.
Students admitted to a Mandarin Studies program will need to apply for a vistor/resident visa. 


      Have received formal letter of admission

      Foreign nationals who hold foreign or travel documents

      Passports and documents valid for more than six months



      One completed application form

      A confirmed incoming and outgoing roundtrip air ticket

      One passport photo

      Documents verifying the purpose of the visit

      Other relevant documents

The Visitor Visa Application Form can be downloaded from the following website:
Bureau of Consular Affairs, Mnistry of Foreign Affiairs

4. Entry & Exit

The following documents are needed for visa issuance.




      A completed visitor visa application form

      A valid visitor visa

      A passport valid for at least six months

      A confirmed return air ticket or an air ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for his/her departure.



      Students are required to show their passports and Alien Resident Certificates to the Customs authorities.

      Students should depart before their visa’s expiration date.



      Students are required to show their passports and Alien Resident Certificates to Customs authorities.

      Students are required to apply for a re-entry permit from the authorities before they leave Taiwan and show it to the Customs officials when they re-enter.