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The Ministry of Education Session 2 of the Five-Year Aesthetic Education Program (2019 - 2023)



  1. Enhance students’ creative aesthetic literacy

  2. Construct aesthetic learning environments

  3. Increase people’s foresighted competencies of aesthetics


Implementation strategies or promotional focal points:

I. Concept

  Aesthetic education is one kind of diverse cultural education, which develops from imperceptible influences in our lives. Through the process of discovery, exploration, and experiences, the competencies of “discovering beauty”, “exploring beauty”, “experiencing beauty”, and “fulfilling beauty” can be cultivated from the interactions between other people and ourselves, between people and communities, between people and society, between people and social communities, and between people and natural environments, which enable students to further apply in their lives. “The cultivation of aesthetics” should start from childhood, and be based on the student-orientation, school course teaching as core, in order to inspire students’ connotation of beauty and culture. The major program range is “aesthetics in life”, including aesthetic experience and creation of spaces in campuses, so as to increase students’ understanding of their living surroundings, and their judgement of beauty. The design of courses is completed with teachers’ professional guidance. Under the principles of aesthetic appreciation: “accumulation, deepening, expansion, and sustainability”; the comprehensive design, innovation and inter-departmental cooperation possibilities can be developed. From the comprehensive planning, inter-departmental cooperation between private sectors and public authorities, and the connection to the international world, fine living environments can thus be created together, and the aesthetic literacy of all people can furthermore be enhanced.

II. Promotional strategies and specific action programs

(i.) Support system
- Establish the Resource Integration Platform of Aesthetic Education
- Promote the Propagation and Communication Project of Aesthetic Education
- Encourage foresighted research on aesthetics

(ii.) Talented teacher and student cultivation
- Promote the Aesthetic Literacy Enhancement Project for Pre-service Teacher Students
- Promote Aesthetic Literacy Enhancement Project for In-service Teachers in Primary and Junior High Schools
- Promote Aesthetic Literacy Enhancement Project for Education Administration Staff
- Promote the Foresighted Talented Teacher and Student Cultivation Program
- Promote the Overseas Training Program for Art and Design Elites

(iii.) Courses and activities
- Implement the Art and Aesthetic Sprout Project for Local Governments
- Promote the Aesthetic Course Teaching and Learning Experience Project
- Promote the Project of Aesthetics in Life and Designing Innovative Courses
- Promote diverse aesthetic experience activities in campuses
- Promote aesthetic education projects in combination with inter-departmental resources and those from private sectors

(iv.) Learning environments
- Design the Project of Aesthetic Fulfillment in Campus Lives
- Construct the Project of Learning Situations of Aesthetic Life Maps