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Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program-5G Campus Infrastructure Project – Demonstration Classrooms & Mobile Learning Devices


Project duration: 2021/1/1-2025/8/31

General appropriation budget: NT$1,078,000,000

Annual appropriation budget (2023): NT$223,000,000

Project Intent

1. Give priority support of these schools which are willing to use learning Devices and to students of schools in “remote” areas (including “detached” areas), establish 5G smart technology learning environments and demonstration teaching, lead schools to new technology teaching and learning, guide students in making good use of learning devices , and help lagging students to learn.

2. Establish a demonstration smart teaching center to guide students to make Good use of 5G and new technology in online interactive context of exploration learning, experiential learning and self-regulated learning, thereby cultivating students’ lifelong learning abilities.

Key Assignments

1. Guidance of 5G demonstration applications on campus to support self-regulated and exploration learning

Develop and implement the teaching application of 5G combined with new technology implemented by teachers in campuses and both in and out of classrooms.

2. Establish a demonstration smart teaching center

Set up a demonstration field for remote live broadcasting and co-learning, integrate video, VR and other teaching materials, establishing a demonstration teaching implementation method.

3. Establish a project promotion group and guidance group

Coordinate the implementation planning, guidance implementation and effectiveness evaluation. Guide the counties, cities and schools to build a multi-model smart learning environment and teaching application of learning devices and mobile networks.