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Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program-Strengthening of Smart Learning and Teaching Project


Project duration: 2021/1/1-2025/8/31

General appropriation budget: NT$997,313,000

Annual appropriation budget (2023): NT$186,641,000

  1. Project Introduction

Based on the existing smart campus construction, this project will continue to improve campus digital learning, and respond to the development trend of digital learning, introduce artificial intelligence technology, promote personal and adaptive learning, and cultivate students' self-regulated and lifelong learning abilities.

  1. Project Intent
  • Introduce the professional quality and knowledge of digital teaching, develop the use of digital tools and resource-assisted teaching models, and cultivate teachers' digital teaching abilities.
  • Improve the digital materials of the main fields/subjects of the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education, and introduce the artificial intelligence cloud service into a digital learning platform to support personal and adaptive learning.
  • Develop the distance learning teaching materials, lesson plans and demonstration services of emerging technology, enhance the experience of using available services of emerging technologies, and strengthen teachers’ professional abilities in distance learning and digital teaching.
  1. Key Assignments
  1. Enhance teachers' abilities to implement digital teaching.

Subsidize teacher education universities to conduct digital teaching enhancement courses and activities, strengthen the knowledge and abilities of student teachers to use digital technology in teaching, provide teachers' digital teaching advanced enhancement courses, and enhancing the digital teaching abilities of in-service teachers.

  1. Enrich adaptive teaching and interactive digital teaching materials.
  • Plan knowledge node methods, develop audio-visual materials for teaching, literacy-oriented materials and tests, and use digital self-regulated learning platforms for effective learning diagnosis to cultivate students' self-regulated learning abilities. In addition, develop teaching materials of interactive teaching context (such as: Virtual reality (VR) and AI-based materials) to enhance students’ interest and effectiveness in learning.
  • Promoting the Integration of Digital Tools and Resources in Teaching by Leveraging Digital Learning Demonstration Schools.
  1. Promote distance demonstration services of emerging technology education.

Through conducting distance learning demonstrations such as cross-grade, cross-county, cross-city and international exchanges in senior high schools, strengthen teachers' abilities of distance learning; also, through the development of teaching materials and lesson plans of emerging technology distance learning, to cultivate the abilities of distance learning and digital learning for teachers and students in senior high schools.