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Educational Links

No. Title Date
Bilingual Glossary (National Academy for Educational Research) 04/20/2019
Taiwan Panorama 01/23/2009
Department of Information and Tourism,Taipei City Government 01/15/2009
OSS Application Consulting Centre (Chinese website) 01/07/2009
On-line Historic Culture Learning Net (Chinese website) 12/10/2008
The First Official On-Line Taiwanese Dictionary (Chinese website) 10/27/2008
International Cooperation and Development Fund 07/04/2008
Center for Educational Research, NTNU (Chinese website) 07/02/2008
Hakka e-Learning Center (Chinese website) 01/25/2008
MOE Free Window Vlog (Chinese website) 01/25/2008
Minan Language e-Learning Center (Chinese website) 01/25/2008
National Historical and Cultural Artifacts Digital Collection Project 06/01/2007
National Immigration Agency 05/04/2007
Higher Education, Technological & Vocational Education Newsletter (Chinese website) 04/18/2007
National Trail System 03/27/2007