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An Overview on the Ministry of Education’s Educational Policy for Indigenous Peoples


The Ministry of Education and the Council of Indigenous Peoples, collaboratively developed the White Paper on the Educational Policy for Indigenous Peoples. The first chapter introduces the content of indigenous education including preschool, secondary, postsecondary, higher education, teaching foster training, continue and family education, and ethic education. The second chapter is an overview on the current status of indigenous education, and the third chapter analyzes problems encountered the indigenous education system. Developmental strategies to solve these problems and future goals are presented in the fourth and fifth chapters, respectively. The core of the White Paper is to demonstrate respect and self-determination for indigenous people, to ensure the rights for indigenous education, and to develop a culturally system of indigenous education, to promote indigenous education, to secure indigenous peoples sense of dignity , to continue to promote the cultural inheritance of indigenous people welfare and to improve Indigenous welfare and to advance Indigenous development.