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Organization of Ministry of Education

Organization of Ministry of Education TEL
Department of Planning
Department of Higher Education
Department of Technological and Vocational Education
Department of Lifelong Education
Department of International and Cross-strait Education
Department of Teacher and Art Education
Department of Information and Technology Education
Department of Student Affairs and Special Education
Department of Secretarial Affairs
Department of Personnel
Department of Civil Service Ethics
Department of Accounting
Department of Statistics
Department of Legal Affairs
Sports Administration,Ministry of Education 886-2-8771-1800
K-12 Education Administration,Ministry of Education 886-4-3706-1800
Youth Development Administration,Ministry of Education 886-2-7736-5111
National Academy for Educational Research 886-2-7740-7890
National Central Library 886-2-2361-9132
National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium 886-8-882-5001
National Museum of Natural Science 886-4-2322-6940
National Science and Technology Museum 886-7-380-0089
National Taiwan Science Education Center 886-2-6610-1234
National Education Radio 886-2-2388-0600
National Library of Public Information 886-4-2262-5100
National Taiwan Library 886-2-2926-6888
National Taiwan Arts Education Center 886-2-2311-0574
National Museum of Marine Science & Technology


National Sports Training Center


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