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Department of Lifelong Education


  The Department of Lifelong Education has long strived to broaden citizens access to knowledge. Due to the necessity of lifelong learning in modern society, the government is obliged to build various learning networks with abundant resources to meet self-development needs and social progress based on positive values.

  In Taiwan, an assortment of learning channels has increased the width and depth of knowledge. These channels include libraries, museums and social education centers, community colleges and tribal community colleges, and various of community learning stations (centers) around Taiwan. In the future, to construct a lifelong learning blueprint for citizens, the MOE is continuously working to promote the concept of lifelong education in order to realize the vision that everyone can learn anytime and anywhere.

Section 1: Adult and Community Education Section

  1. Research (revision) on Lifelong Learning Act, policy planning, implementation of Lifelong Learning programs and activities, and relevant affairs of meetings on a regular basis to promote and implement lifelong learning.
  2. Research (revision) on Supplementary Education Act, policy planning, and regulations and supervisions on cram schools and related affairs. 
  3. Research (revision) on after-school child care services, policy planning, and regulations and supervisions on related affairs.
  4. Research (revision) on Community College, policy planning, and relevant affairs of Community College reward subsidies and issuing Certificates of Achievement.
  5. Research (revision) and subsidies on non-formal education, and promotion of related affairs.
  6. Research (revision) and subsidies on Adult Basic Education, survey and statistics of relevant Adult Basic Education affairs. 

Section 2: Family and Senior Citizen Education

  1. Promotion of Family Education and relevant affairs (including research and promotion on articles and Medium-Term Development Project) 
  2. Promotion on Lifelong Learning Education for New Residents (including Education Project for New Residents)
  3. Promotion of Senior Citizen Education and relevant affairs (including research on articles, Senior Citizen Active Learning Center Programs, Senior Citizen Active Lifelong Learning Programs, and Senior Citizen Self-directed Learning Group and Lifelong Learning Programs)

Section 3: Social Education Institutions and Educational Foundations Section 

  1. General affairs of National Museum of Natural Science and National Education Radio (including affairs requiring approvals by the Ministry of Education, memorandums, subsidies for projects, and associated promotional activities)
  2. Establishment and supervision on educational juristic institutions (including supervision on association services and finance, foundation learning circles, foundations’ annual conferences)
  3. Establishment and supervision on educational charitable trusts.

Section 4: Reading and National Language Education Section

  1. Read policy planning and develop regulations such as the Library Law.
  2. Development of national libraries and public libraries.
  3. Editing and related promotion of Minnan, Hakka, and Indigenous language dictionaries.
  4. Set up a national language education promotion committee to promote national language education.
  5. Establishment of Chinese transliteration standards and promotional affairs. 

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