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Major Policies

No. Title Date
National Taiwan University of Science and Technplogy confers Honorary Doctorate on Paraguay President Mario Abdo Benitez 11/01/2018
USR EXPO 2018 has come to a successful conclusion, drawing national attentions to University Social Responsibility 08/07/2018
2018 APEC Regional Industry-Academia Collaboration 07/10/2018
Higher Education Sprout Project :Sustained progress and rise of universities in Taiwan 03/01/2018
To promote the teacher education system, based on which qualification examination is taken before internship 01/10/2018
To offer students of overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau, and foreign nationalities the right to participate in teacher qualification examination 01/10/2018
Yushan Project 12/19/2017
New Admission Criteria for Higher Education 12/19/2017
To promote “The Mid to Long Term Plan of Aesthetic Education –the First Phase Five-year Plan (2014 - 2018)”: With the Objective of Sowing, Piling, and Popularization of the Sense of Aesthetics. 12/19/2017
To promote “The Practical Plan of Teachers’ Professional Development” – to create a “being self-motivated, engaging the public, and seeking the common good” supporting environment for teachers’ professional development. 12/19/2017
Universal Digital Application Project for Remote Areas 12/19/2017
University Social Responsibility Projects 12/19/2017
5-Year Mid-term Project on Developing Indigenous Education (2016-2020)—centered upon indigenous subjectivity advancement 12/19/2017
Senior Education Medium-Term Development Project 12/19/2017
The plan to popularize the national broadband internet environment – The plan of using public libraries as community public information stations 12/19/2017