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Program for Establishment of Solar Photovoltaic Basketball Courts by Schools



  1. Assess suitable areas for establishment, creating a comfortable sports environment protected from the rain while taking into account the overall school environment.
  2. Nurture student and teacher energy knowledge through allowing observation of the operation and power generation of photovoltaic basketball courts.
  3. Match schools with need for establishment of photovoltaic basketball courts and private companies willing to invest, to develop the green energy industry.

Implementation strategy and promotion key points

  • Explanation of program background
  1. School without indoor sports space

In recent years, record high temperatures have been recorded across Taiwan, resulting in the students of schools without indoor space for sports or with insufficient space not being to use the sports fields because of the heat of the sun.

     2. Continuing promotion of renewable energy policy

As global warming intensifies by the day, renewable energy has become an item for development in many countries; Taiwan is also promoting energy transformation and development of green low carbon energy, moving towards the vision of energy security, green economy and environmental sustainability.

  • Promotion method and model
  1. Through three-way cooperation between cities/counties, central government and the private sector, building a sports environment in which students can avoid the heat of the sun.
  2. The private senior invests in buildinsolar photovoltaic basketball courts and rewards the school with wholesale electricity price.
  3. There are two models for construction of solar photovoltaic basketball courts, namely “ordinary outdoor basketball court construction” and “construction on idle land after planning.”
  • Reference document

For reference information regarding establishment of solar photovoltaic basketball courts, see Theme area-Physical Education Division, Sports Administration.