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Major Policies

No. Title Date
Taiwan’s new-generation strategy to combat drug abuse 2017-12-19
Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program: Human Resources Infrastructure to Nurture Talent and Boost Employment & Subsidies for Technological and Vocational Colleges and Universities to Optimize Environments for Job Ready Skills Programs 2017-12-19
Promotion of Marine Education Implementation Project: Enhancing Taiwanese Citizens’ Basic Knowledge and Literacy of the Ocean and Cultivating Quality Talent Needed by the Industries 2017-12-19
To promote “The Mid to Long Term Plan of Aesthetic Education –the First Phase Five-year Plan (2014 - 2018)”: With the Objective of Sowing, Piling, and Popularization of the Sense of Aesthetics. 2017-12-19
To promote “The Practical Plan of Teachers’ Professional Development” – to create a “being self-motivated, engaging the public, and seeking the common good” supporting environment for teachers’ professional development. 2017-12-19
Constructing the Next Generation Intelligent Learning Environment - Establishing Intelligent Network Campus Project 2017-12-01
Eight-year Chinese Language Education Promotion Plan (2013–2020) 2017-12-01
Teaching Practice Research Program for Teachers in Colleges and Universities 2017-11-30
The Youth Education and Employment Savings Accounts Program 2017-11-30
The New Southbound Talent Development Program 2017-10-30