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The Digital Learning Enhancement Plan for Grade 1-12 Students


Project Intent

1.Enrich teaching software and digital content, provide teachers with convenience in lesson preparation and enhance teaching diversity.

2.Distribute mobile devices to students, reduce the use printed textbooks, making schoolbags lighter.

3.Assist/Support teachers and students to use mobile devices and digital content for more diverse learning.

4.By analyzing educational big data, the results can be used as the basis for educational policies, early warning of student learning and adjustment of teachers' teaching strategies.

5.Reduce the educational gap and achieve the goal of equitable education. This echoes the UNESCO announcement, "Education 2030: Incheon Declaration and Framework for Action for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all."

Key Assignments

1.Digital content enrichment plan

  • Develop Digital learning Content
  • Provide Commercial Digital Content and Software

2.Mobile devices and network improvement plan

  • In rural areas, student to device ratio is 1:1
  • Nationwide, student to device ratio will be more than 1/3
  • Raise Network Bandwidth
  • Digital Learning Experiments

3.Educational big data analysis plan

  • Build an educational big data database to narrow the urban-rural gap
  • Provide de-identified data to enhance the value-added and innovative application of industry-university-institute
  • Enhance Talent cultivation through the industry-university-institute collaboration