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Remote Area School Central Kitchen Project


On April 1, 2021, the Executive Yuan announced the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture mplent the “ Remote Area School Central Kitchen Project” with local goverment . Put over 6.31 billion NTD to comprehensively improve the quality of school lunches in remote areas, the lunch fee paid by parents should be returned to the ingredients; and to reduce the school administration , let children eat better, let parents feel at ease.

  1. Food subsidies for students in rural schools have been increased

Since 2022, it has invested 3.8 billion NTD every year to subsidise the use of "Domestically Produced Traceable Ingredients" from 3.5 NTD per person per meal to 6 NTD. On May 1, 2022, the subsidies take up to 10 NTD , rural school students even up to 14 NTD.

  1. New and expanded central kitchen take the big with the small

Subsidies for rural school new or expansion of the central kitchen, supply nearby schools. Not only can unified hardware and software management, food material procurement more scale, but also the Ministry of Education has formed a professional coaching team to build a modern people-oriented kitchen, with the penetrating visibility of the space design, students can observe the meal preparation process on site, give play to the function of food education and career testing, and build a modern model kitchen in line with international trends.

  1. Joint procurement of food ingredients to ensure quality

Through school group promotion and joint procurement, to lower the price of food procurement, to ensure food quality stability, reduce the administrative burden.

  1. Enhanced lunch manpower, transparent and intelligent logistics management

Subsidize lunch salaries in schools in rural areas, promote transparent management of school lunch business, and make overall plans for school kitchen such as kitchen workers and nutritionists. In addition, the lunch freight is subsidized, and the management of the route, time and temperature is managed by the cloud GPS positioning and tracking, so as to ensure that students can have a hot lunch and the food safety is more transparent and visible.

  1. Refine the rural school lunch menu

In order to achieve students can "eat locally, eat in season", implement the vision of food education literacy and enhance students' enjoyment of dietary diversity, at the cost of 62 NTD per meal, we selected seasonal, local, and diversified ingredients to design dishes that meet children's preferences and requirements for nutrients and body calories. And, the new equipment purchased by rural schools can be used to cook delicious lunches to enhance the students' enjoyment of the variety of food.