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Program for Guiding Outstanding Athletes


The Executive Yuan approved this Ministry’s Program for Guiding Outstanding Athletes on Sept. 4, 2018 (amendment approved on July 1, 2020). It has a 10 year duration, divided into short-term (2019-2021,) medium term (2022-2024) and long-term (2025-2028).The required funding is around NT$8.1 billion. The key promotion points are:

  1. Schooling guidance: Selection, screening and individual enrolment and other higher education channels; provide life care, schoolwork guidance and tuition and other expenses subsidy, subsidized tuition fee, and schoolwork guidance; sports science and sports medicine support. The required funding is NT$1.2 6500 billion.
  2. Employment support: Provide guidance and matching for work as fulltime sports coaches, promote the employment of outstanding athletes by civil groups; support the nurturing of sports industry talent, promote employment of sports instructors by enterprises; provide credit guarantee, interest allowance and entrepreneurship assistance, guide at least 90 sports service operators; give priority listing as Sports Lottery distributors. The required funding is NT$5.27800 billion.
  3. Incentive measures: Implementing the “Guidelines for the Award of the Kuokuang Sports Medal and Scholarships,” “Guidelines for Rewarding Successful Coaches” and “Directions for Rewarding Successful Mentally and Physically Impaired Athletes and Their Coaches,” to reward athletes and coaches who perform well. The required funding is NT$1.57840 billion.