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The Ministry of Education (MOE) Implements the Executive Yuan’s (2022-2025) Gender Equality Important Issues Promotion Project: Cyber and Internet Gender Violence Prevention


  In order to promote gender equality in our nation, the Executive Yuan has issued the “Gender Equality Important Issues Promotion Project (2022-2025)”, including “Cyber and internet gender violence prevention”. The goal of the project is to improve laws, administrative measures and the effects of their related implementation, promote awareness of gender violence for the public and online, and comprehensively construct online gender violence survey statistics.

  Therefore, the MOE has combined “Gender Impact Assessment” reviews, and revised education regulations and policy plans to fully protect the rights of online gender violence victims, and continued to produce advocacy teaching materials, including courses, videos or online promotion, to help students have the abilities to respond to online gender violence. In addition, the MOE has produced statistics on student online gender violence incidents in accordance with the regulations of the Gender Equity Education Act.

  The digital network is having a profound impact on human life. If it becomes a tool for gender violence, the issue will become more serious. Therefore everyone needs to work together to promote prevention and treatment.