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Ministry of Education's Medium-Term Plan for International Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools

  • Vision: "Connect internationally, link globally"
  • Objective: Promote widespread and sustainable international education, cultivating globally-aware citizens.
  • Implementing Agencies: Ministry of Education, Department of Elementary Education and Pre-school Education, municipalities, county (city) governments, and all national senior high schools and below.
  • Implementation Period: 5 years, August 2023 to July 2028.
  • Budget Requirements: Budgets allocated annually based on expenditure standards, adjusted by relevant authorities.
  • Assessment Mechanism: Periodic meetings to review progress; Ministry of Education oversees and conducts visits to subsidized schools.
  • Expected Benefits:
  1. Optimize the international education support system.
  2. Enhance international education talent and teaching effectiveness.
  3. Improve international education curriculum and facilities.
  4. Expand and diversify the international exchange network.
  • Implementation Strategies and Action Plans:

Enhance International Education Talent:

  1. Train and build capacity for international education professionals.
  2. Establish a professional counseling network for international education.

Promote International Education Curriculum:

  1. Deepen and expand the international education curriculum.
  2. Promote resources for international education teaching.

Facilitate International Exchange Cooperation:

  1. Enhance exchanges between domestic and foreign schools.
  2. Facilitate partnerships between domestic and foreign schools.

Strengthen International Education Support Mechanism:

  1. Integrate organizations promoting international education.
  2. Establish an internationalized campus.
  3. Promote international education and reward excellence.

Through these strategies, the Ministry of Education aims to achieve comprehensive development in international education for elementary and secondary schools, fostering globally-minded and competitive students.