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Department of Information and Technology Education


  As of January 1, 2013, in accordance with the restructuring of government agencies, three departments under the Ministry of Education—the Computer Center, the Advisory Office, and the Division of Environmental Protection Education—will be combined into a single unit called the Department of Information and Technology Education. The services and functions of this new Department will cover information education, digital learning, internet platforms, environmental education, disaster prevention education, humanities and social sciences, as well as technology education. The Department will mainly be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Planning and promotion of policies pertaining to information education as well as revision of relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Management, operation, promotion, and development of applied technology of Taiwan's online academic networks; planning and promotion of regulations pertaining to information and communications security for the education system.
  3. Planning and promotion of regulations pertaining to digital learning; compilation and distribution of digital education resources; and the promotion of such applications.
  4. Planning, implementation, maintenance, and operation of the information system and database for educational administration.
  5. Planning of policies pertaining to technology education, humanities and social sciences; and coordination and promotion of related matters.
  6. Project planning, promotion, monitoring, and assessments for prospective,  professional and cross-professional education programs for technology as well as the humanities and social sciences.
  7. Planning and promotion of polices pertaining to environmental education in schools; planning and realization of sustainable development; cultivation of talent, and inter-departmental collaboration.
  8. Implementation of disaster prevention education in schools and safety management in research laboratories; planning and promotion of polices pertaining to chemicals and waste management.
  9. Planning and management of the Ministry of Education and its relevant offices (agencies).
  10. Other issues related to information and technology education.

  The Department of Information and Technology Education is based on the vision of “integrating information, technology, and humanities to lead schools in Taiwan into a new age of sustainable development”, and is aimed at achieving five major objectives: “cultivating foresight talent”, “advancing digital learning”, “fostering ethics in scientific-development research”, “promoting awareness of fairness in the digital age”, and “creating sustainable environments in schools”. The Department will utilize this strategy to establish a learning environment centered on people, cultivate modern citizens that show concern for society and the environment, and augment sustainable development in the nation.

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