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Department of Secretarial Affairs



General Affairs Management Section

  • Fixed Assets Procurement of Equipment and Expandable Items
  • Management of Technicians and Manual Worker
  • Property Management
  • Management and Maintenance of Real Estate and Government Housing
  • General Affairs Remittance, Collections and Payments and Employee Remuneration

Procurement and Public Construction Management Section

  • Procurement Management of MOE
  • Public Construction Management of Official Institutions Affiliated with MOE
  • Main Contact for Promotion of Private Participation for Infrastructure Projects
  • Construction and Quality Control Unit Management of MOE
  • Procurement Control Unit Management of MOE

Documentation Section

  • Document Intake and Record Management Of MOE
  • Issue, Revision, Transmission and Attachment of seals of Official Documents of MOE
  • E-document Distribution Management of Official Institutions and Private Universities Affiliated with MOE
  • Official MOE Document and Seal Security and Operational Management 
  • Official Government Management and Evaluation of Document and Seal Publication, Usage, Approval, Distribution and Reissuing

Archives and Records Section

  • Archives and Files Checking and Collection, Classification, Cataloging, Preservation, Security Control and Computerization. Archives Repository Security Management
  • Archives Repository Management
  • Archives Reservation and Management
  • Document Access and Viewing Management
  • Administrative Archive Management for Official Institutions Affiliated with MOE

Education Property Foundation Section

  • Management of Grant and Subsidy Affairs
  • Real Estate Management
  • Real Estate Development
  • Rent and Financial Affairs Management
  • Legal Affairs Management

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