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Department of Student Affairs and Special Education


Brief Introduction

  The main responsibilities of the Department of Student Affairs and Special Education, Ministry of Education are as follows:

  1. The policy planning of student affairs, student counseling, gender equality education, character and/or moral education, life education, human rights education, law-abiding education, and the promotion and supervision of those policies at colleges and universities
  2. The promotion and supervision of support services systems, such as policy planning and implementation of special education at colleges and universities, the special education advisory council, evaluation of students in special education, examination services for students with disabilities in colleges and universities, barrier-free environment on campuses, special education reporting, and resource rooms.
  3. The supervision of anti-bullying, drug abuse control, campus security, all-out defense education in schools, all-out defense spirit mobilization, and substitute services for education.

  Through the promotion of the above mentioned items, we hope to achieve the following educational goals and benefits:

  1. Strengthen student affairs and counseling, and using professional specialties related to student affairs and educational counseling to assist the students’ development of sound minds and bodies, actively cultivate the students’ core competencies and mature personality and attitude, promote students’ self-realization, and nurture the modern citizens’ inner being.
  2. Strengthen the special education support services in colleges and universities, construct integrated support systems, provide necessary assistance for special education students while attending school, and improve the accessible learning environment in colleges and universities in order to ensure the schooling rights and interests of the special education students at colleges and universities.
  3. Strengthen campus security, provide quality learning environments, implement all-out defense education, and strengthen the defense awareness of students.

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