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Department of Personnel


  Being the nation's highest education administration office, the MOE is in charge of the planning and promotion of education policies. In addition to handling general administrative office personnel and staff, this office is responsible for the preparation of the policy of educational personnel, which includes organization of educational organizations, personnel, employment, payroll, performance review, punishment and reward, leave management, further education, remuneration, retirement, and compensation.

  Due to the diversity of educational affairs (including schools of all levels, social and educational organizations, and educational administrative offices of all levels) and large population of service recipients, in terms of promoting educational personnel, this office's service network covers: (1) various units of the MOE; (2) national colleges and universities; (3) national social, educational organizations and research institutions; (4) private universities; (5) national senior high and vocational schools; (6) private senior high and vocational schools; (7) county/city governments (education bureaus, personnel offices, and primary and secondary schools); (8) national teachers associations; (9) national parents associations; (10) national principals associations; (11) national roaming teachers associations; (12) private educational organizations; (13) private school retirement and compensation foundations; (14) subordinate organizations and school personnel offices.

  To handle educational personnel affairs of such diversity, the office's existing organization and personnel include one director and deputy director, three senior executive officers, and five divisions, in charge of planning and preparation of the policy for educational personnel, personnel service to personnel organizations of the MOE and subordinate offices and schools, and coordination of and contact with relevant educational organizations, respectively.

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