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Department of Planning


Introduction to the Department of Planning

  The Department of Planning, which has become a crucial nexus of the Ministry of Education, has set its sights on creating a new educational department which includes a total of six divisions; Planning, R&D, Control and Assessment, News Media and Congressional Liaisons, Campus Health, and Aboriginal and Minority Education. These divisions will be administrated in the following manner:

  1. Research, drafting, planning, and coordination for yearly administrative policies, yearly administrative planning, mid-range administrative planning, preparatory work, individual mid- and long-range planning.
  2. Research, drafting, management, and review for administrative reports and major individual plans.
  3. Research, analysis, promotion, management, and planning for R&D tasks.
  4. Planning and coordination for items regarding aboriginal and minority education, campus health education, and marine education policies.
  5. Arrangements for national conferences in education, ministry affairs bulletins, and other important conferences.
  6. Supervision and guidance for the National Academy for Educational Research.
  7. Education expense budgeting and management, research on regulations governing campus health education, aboriginal and minority education, and general education.
  8. Coordinating and liaisons with congress, media outlets, and public relations organizations.
  9. Planning, promotion, and management for citizen service work.
  10. Other additional issues that concern the Department of Planning.

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