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An Overview on the Ministry of Education’s Marine Education Policies


In 2007, the Ministry of Education published the White Paper on Marine Education Policies, which was revised in 2017. Its purposes were cultivating talented individuals required by industry, encouraging people to invest in the marine industry, and further enhancing our national competitiveness of marine industry. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has commenced strengthening students’ fundamental literacy on marine education in schools of all levels, so as to spur all people to have more understanding of sustainable development of oceans, to love oceans, to make good use of and to cherish oceanic resources, and to enable all people to be equipped with the globalized thinking of marine concepts, and to transfer this obtained knowledge into practical actions.

This white paper is the first educational policy specifically based on marine education of our nation, which demonstrates the care our government has for marine education. To realize the goals written in this white paper, the Ministry of Education has adopted a practical attitude to strengthen the implementation and review of related strategies. Therefore, in addition to establishing multiple specific operational strategies, the Ministry of Education has conducted and planned an operation project of marine education. The aforementioned measures and strategies are for the purposes of developing the education for all concepts concerning oceans, achieving a converging consensus for all people, and enabling Taiwan to become a modern oceanic nation with cultural literacy and a quality civilization.


Taiwan Marine Education Center

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